E.22. Postgres-XL Release 9.5r1.3

E.22.1. Migration to Version Postgres-XL 9.5r1.3
E.22.2. Changes

Release Date


This release includes all the bug fixes and security fixes from PostgreSQL 9.5.4. In addition, there are a few Postgres-XL specific bug fixes in this release. For information about new features in the Postgres-XL 9.5r1 major release, see Section E.25.

E.22.1. Migration to Version Postgres-XL 9.5r1.3

A dump/restore is not required for those running Postgres-XL 9.5r1.2. Unfortunately, one commit between Postgres-XL 9.5r1.1 and Postgres-XL 9.5r1.2 has caused breakage for those upgrading from either Postgres-XL 9.5r1 or Postgres-XL 9.5r1.1 release. We would encourage a dump/restore if you are upgrading from one of those releases. Since the breakage is limited to views/rules, you may also try to just dump and recreate those objects.

For those who are running Postgres-XL 9.5r1.2, there is no need for dump/restore.

E.22.2. Changes

  • Fix a bug in handling of ON COMMIT actions.

  • Correct aggregation definition for money datatype.

    This makes a slight change to pg_aggregate entry for money. This will be reflected in the freshly created database directories. For existing clusters, this can be fixed by making a similar change to the catalog on all nodes.

  • Disallow FOR UPDATE/SHARE for queries using SQL JOIN syntax, except for queries that only access replicated tables.

  • Honour WITH NO DATA clause of CREATE TABLE AS and create such tables without any data.

  • Ensure REPEATABLE READ phrase is double quoted while sending down default_transaction_isolation GUC to the remote nodes.

  • Ensure that statistics about all-visible pages is properly updated at the coordinator for better query planning.