Postgres-XL 9.5 R1.4 Announced!

The Postgres-XL community is pleased to announce a security update of the software, tagged as 9.5R1.4. Besides bug fixes, this release catches up with the community release of PostgreSQL 9.5.5 including all the core server’s security & bug fixes. We encourage everyone to immediately upgrade to this latest release. Being a minor release, you only need to download the latest sources from, compile, install new binaries and restart your servers. Please note, there was a slight change to the on-disk representation of views/rules in R1.2, so if you’re upgrading from pre-1.2 release, you will need to do a fresh initdb or recreate the failing objects. Upgrading from R1.2 to a later release should not require initdb.

For more details, please refer to the release notes here.