Postgres-XL 9.5 R1 Beta2 Announced!

The Postgres-XL community is pleased to announce the 2nd Beta release of Postgres-XL 9.5 R1.

Postgres-XL is a massively parallel database built on top of, and very closely compatible with PostgreSQL 9.5 and its set of advanced features. Postgres-XL is fully open source and many parts of it will feed back directly or indirectly into later releases of PostgreSQL, as we begin to move towards a fully parallel sharded version of core PostgreSQL.

Some of the major enhancements that went into the Beta2 release are:

  • Improve handling of Append and MergeAppend plans. They are now pushed down to the datanodes whenever possible.
  • Add support for 3-stage aggregation for json_agg() aggregate, thus improving performance for the aggregate handling.
  • Add support for checking status of a coordinator or datanode slave without requiring it to be started as a Hot Standby.
  • Fix a bug in parameter handling, which was causing certain errors in plpgsql procedure execution.
  • Correctly include the string terminator in calculating GID size, without which the GID will look corrupted and unusable after a crash recovery.
  • Fix handling of binary data transfer for JDBC as well as libpq protocols.
  • Add support for process level control for overriding log levels for elog messages.

For a more detailed list, please look at the release notes here:

Postgres-XL is available for download here:

You can go through XL’s comprehensive documentation here:

2ndQuadrant has led the development of Postgres-XL 9.5, building upon the work of many others over a long period of continuous development, with easily more than 10 man years of development.

We encourage users to contribute their comments and usage reports to the Postgres-XL community at