The Postgres-XL project currently does not provide any up-to date binary packages (rpm, deb, etc.). We acknowledge this issue, and are working on addressing it in the near future. Until the packages are available, you need to install Postgres-XL from sources, as explained in the documentation.

For the latest code, please visit the official git repository. You are probably interested in two branches:

  • XL9_5_STABLE – Postgres-XL 9.5, the latest officially released and supported version
  • master – development branch, currently Postgres-XL 9.6 alpha (not yet released)

For convenience, we also offer a tarball for the latest release of Postgres-XL 9.5: postgres-xl-9.5r1.5.tar.gz

Install from sources

As mentioned above, the documentation explains how to install Postgres-XL from sources, but let us show you an extremely short summary of the instructions. If you have ever installed PostgreSQL from sources, the steps are exactly the same.

git clone git://
cd postgres-xl
make -j4
sudo make install
cd contrib
make -j4
sudo make install

Note: You may tweak the -j parameter depending on the number of CPU cores in your system.

Old Unsupported Releases

This section links to source tarball and packages for Postgres-XL 9.2. This release is obsolete and unsupported, and is listed mostly because it’s the last version with .rpm packages available.

Source Tarball